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American Indian and Alaska Native Affairs

Sovereignty and Self-Determination

Indigenous peoples pursuing survival, sovereignty and self-determination inevitably must engage with the United States government.  Whether …

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Commerce and Economic Development

Growth and Sustainability

To improve communities, U.S. public policy seeks to promote job creation, economic growth, sustainable development, and generally improve the living standards …

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Indian Gaming

Success in Indian Country

Gaming and hospitality is a $31 billion industry that is the primary source of jobs and economic success in Indian Country.  As competition in the gaming space grows …

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natural resources

Natural Resources

Balance and Responsibility

Today, the issues in natural resources development and management are diverse but at the core of it is how can industries and governments work together to sustain …

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Tax Policy

Navigating Change

Economic growth is invariably linked to the federal government tax policy.  Following the enactment of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, major tax law changes will …

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Impacting Telecom Policy

Modern telecommunications has transformed the way we communicate and exchange information.  It serves as the lifelife of global commerce, allowing …

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Transportation and Infrastructure

Replacement and Improvement

Transportation and Infrastructure policy can have wide ranging impacts on nearly every sector of our economy and local communities.  From the integration of new and emerging …

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